“Breaking Views. Memory under construction | Future on hold” is a collective project that proposes a series of exhibitions, interventions in the public space, debates and conferences gathered under a theme that is equally intended to be recuperative, dialogue-ic and programmatic.

This theme introduces some of the strategic directions of the artistic and cultural approach of the European Centre for Contemporary Art (ECCA) project. More specifically, the connection with the socio-cultural elements of the present, the recovery of memory, the connection to the civic and economic potential of the community and the articulation of a constructive and collaborative exhibition discourse.

“Breaking Views. Memory under construction | Future in Waiting” is a project of the Cluj Cultural Center, organised in collaboration with the University of Art and Design, the Union of Plastic Artists, Babeş-Bolyai University, the Federation of Brush Factory, the Federation of Galleries and Artists of the Brush Factory, with the support of the City Hall and the Cluj-Napoca City Council. Partners: Cluj County Council, Banca Transilvania, Evozon, Hugo Restaurants.

Horea Avram – UBB
Olimpia BERA – UAD
PROJECT INITIATOR: Ştefan TEIŞANU – Executive Director Cluj Cultural Center

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Alexandru Antik, Matei Bejenaru, Pavel Brăila, Cătălin Burcea, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Vasile Cătărău, Larisa Crunțeanu & Sonja Hornung, Belu Simion Făinaru, Constantin Flondor, Cosmin Haiaş, kinema ikon, Peter Krausz, Anticamera/Gloria Luca & Tudor Pătraşcu, Petru Lucaci, Dan Mihălțianu, Ciprian Mureşan, Miklos Onucsan, Cristian Rusu, Şerban Savu, Ioan Sbârciu, subREAL, Florin Ştefan, Patricia Teodorescu, Mihai Zgondoiu.

Curator: Horea Avram
Assistant curator: Georgiana Buț

The show’s starting point lies in the actions dedicated to celebrating Romania’s Centenary. The themes and approaches of the show took shape in a context in which many of the various celebrations of this event tended to be focused exclusively on the past, with an overbearing attention to tradition and nationalistic specificities. However, this project was started from the premise that the year 1918 can equally be seen as a crucial moment in the crystallization of modernity, an instant in which the premises of artistic avant-gardes were created. The elements of this exhibition were articulated within this vein, of recovering innovative discourse, of the investigations and experimentations in recent history. In this sense, the project is a way of understanding and internalizing the past, but also a challenge to reflect through art upon the dimensions of the present and upon the transformations which history prospectively engages in. The way in which artists refer to the history of the past 100 years varies, ranging from critical commentary on the devaluing of major
identity and cultural cornerstones, to the subjective instrumentalization of collective memory; from symbolic suggestion referring to the past and memory, to a self-referential understanding of history.

The selection of the 24 artists and groups in the show equally reflects the history and diversity of modern Romania. The artists represent all the historical provinces, including the Republic of Moldova and the diaspora. The show brings together artists from all generations and representatives of certain ethnic minorities peppered throughout Romania. The works themselves cover a wide spectrum of means of expression, from painting, to installation and video.

Thus, regarding history as an imagination exercise, the show envisions itself as a discourse, evidently incomplete and subjective, on the prospective value of memory.

Breaking Views. Memory under construction | Future on hold
Had several sections:


An UAD/UAP Project for the series of events
Breaking Views. Memory under construction | Future on hold
Opening: October 26, 2017, 18:00 hr
26 October – 5 November 2017

Breaking Views. Memory under construction | Future on hold


16-25 November 2017
Opening: Thursday, November 16, 19:00 hr. Multiple locations, Cluj City Center
Project organised in collaboration with The Faculty of Theater and Film, Babeş-Bolyai University


In Search For Institutional Models.
Showcasing, Studying And Preserving Contemporary Art
24th-25th of November 2017 / Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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The Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC), in partnership with the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca (UAD), Artists’ Union – Cluj Branch (UAP – Cluj), Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB), Fabrica de Pensule / The Paintbrush Factory (FdP) and Federația Galeriilor și Artiștilor din Fabrica de Pensule (FGAFP), organizes the Conference In Search for Institutional Models. Showcasing, Studying and Preserving Contemporary Art, from the 24th to the 25th of November 2017, at Casa Matei Corvin in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Part of the PRE-INAUGURAL PROGRAMME Breaking Views. Memory in Progress / Future on Hold (October – November 2017) dedicated to the forecasted European Centre for Contemporary Art (ECCA) in Cluj-Napoca, the conference brings together international, national and local art professionals. It aims at investigating the global institutional models dedicated to contemporary art in order to identify the appropriate framework – conceptual, legal, functional – for the future ECCA. The stakes of such enterprise are numerous: while we prepare to respond to the expectations of the local artists and the local community, our aim is to build a specific, reconceptualised institutional model able to connect to the global art scene.

The conference will include two keynote speeches aiming to structure the debates associated with the five panels: Institutional Models (Panel 1); Programming and Curating (Panel 2); Working in the Arts (Panel 3), Archiving and Research (Panel 4) and Audience Development and Education (Panel 5). In order to facilitate extensive and in depth debates, each panel will be followed by discussions. For more details, please find attached the provisional conference programme.

Keynote Speech:

  • Paul Dujardin (General Director and Artistic Director, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels)

Keynote Speech:

  • Călin Dan (Director, National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest / MNAC)

Speakers (cf. conference agenda):

  • Emil Boc (Mayor of Cluj-Napoca);
  • Ștefan Teișanu (Executive Director, Cluj Cultural Centre);
  • Ioan Sbârciu (President of University of Art and Design/UAD Senate);
  • Radu Moraru (UAD Rector);
  • Horea Avram (Department of Cinema and Media, Faculty of Theatre and Film, Babeş-Bolyai University / UBB)
  • Christophe de Jaeger (Coordinator Department Art & Research, BOZAR/ Director, Gluon, Brussels);
  • Igor Španjol (curator, +MSUM | Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana);
  • Marijana Rimanić (Multimedia Institute/Pogon – Center for Independent Culture and Youth, Zagreb).
  • Mara Raţiu (University of Art and Design / UAD)
  • Adam Carr (Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN Wales);
  • Bori Szalai (Trafo Budapest);
  • Daphne Vitali (Curator, EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens).
  • Dirk de Witt (Head of International Relations & Visual Arts, Flanders Arts Institute);
  • Iulia Popovici (Writer/Curator, Bucharest);
  • Mihaela Kavdanska (Media Artist&Curator, AVmotional/KOTKI Visuals, Bucharest/Linz).
  • Rarița Zbranca (Programme Director, Cluj Cultural Centre) \
  • Mica Gherghescu (Kandinsky Library, Pompidou Centre Paris)
  • Ștefania Ferchedău/Alina Șerban (Institute of the Present, Bucharest);
  • Helena Elshout (Project Coordinator, MSK – Museum of Fine Arts Gent).